June 11, 2018

“The Art of Darkness”

Most of what a StokerCon™ offers its attendees focuses on professional education and development. Panels and workshops. Guest lecturers to help both new and experienced writers advance their craft. Pitch sessions that give you the opportunity to put your work in front of key agents and publishers. By the end of the day, absorbing that next piece of advice or information feels like stuffing an elephant into a thimble. Mental fatigue becomes a barrier that (ideally) should come down before the next day begins.

In an effort to promote that downtime, StokerCon™ 2018 introduced two Midnight Special events where attendees could relax, laugh, and regroup. The first involved a hilarious reading of H. P. Lovecraft’s play, Alfredo—a Tragedy. The second, a Monster Mash game that featured guests of honor portraying horror icons who strove in “battle” to be victorious over the others. Both were well attended, and both were very popular.

For StokerCon™ 2019, the Midnight Specials return!

Today we announce the first of two fun events: “The Art of Darkness.”

Darkness can be a friend or a foe, or both—and it can be art. StokerCon™ 2019 Guest of Honor Kathe Koja is a playwright and director as well as a novelist, producing live immersive performances, shows that offer the audience a chance to breathe deep, listen hard, and become part of the experience. Some of her past shows include “Dracula” and “ALIkE.”

Next May, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Kathe will create “The Art of Darkness” along with the audience and convention guests, making a story in real time, together, in the dark.

Join us Friday night, after the Final Frame Film Competition, for this chilling theatre experience where you, the audience, becomes part of the performance.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Purchase your convention ticket now, before the price go up July 1st.

Below are photos from Kathe’s previous plays. [Photo credit: Rick Lieder]