September 17, 2018

You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Buried

As part of our more fun-filled events at StokerCon™ 2019, we are pleased to announce our second Midnight Special!

“The last thing I wanna see is myself at a podium, awkwardly trekking through what should be an immersive, electric story.”
–Josh Malerman, StokerCon™ 2019 Guest of Honor

From the day his first book, Bird Box, was released, Malerman has eschewed the traditional (and practical) ways of a public reading, opting instead for something closer to Grand Guignol theater. Using live actors, live music, costumes, and props, Malerman and his crew of freakish friends (featuring fiancé Allison Laakko most of all) have been recreating scenes from his books on stage. Some times this re-creation is literal, others, like with Unbury Carol, find the performance a bit more meta, as the scenes come to life around Malerman, who is seemingly creating them as the reading unfolds.

Catch this thrilling, unique, and even important performance as Malerman and crew are changing what us readers and writers can expect from a book tour, and the way in which that book is presented.

After the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday night, we will gather in the Ambassador Ballroom to revel in a dramatic reading from Josh Malerman’s Unbury Carol, and, if we are lucky, a special reading from his upcoming novel, Inspection.

Register for StokerCon™ 2019 now, so you won’t miss this unique event. Prices go up October 1st, so don’t delay.

Below are photo from Josh’s previous readings: