Souvenir Book

Our StokerCon souvenir book, edited by Bram Stoker Award winner and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Linda Addison, will include fiction, interviews, convention info, and much, much more, and will be presented to every attendee of StokerCon! If you’ve seen our other StokerCon souvenir books, you know you can look forward to having a beautiful book to carry home with you from Grand Rapids.

If you’d like to purchase an ad to target some of horror’s biggest consumers or celebrate a Bram Stoker Award nomination this year, here are the ad rates:

( 6”w x 9”h 0.125 bleed ): $260.00

(Horizontal 5.75 ”w x 4.5 ”h ): $130.00

One-quarter page
(Horizontal 3”w x 4.5”h ): $65.00

Deadline for art on all ads is March 30th, 2019.

To pay, please click here.

Once your payment is complete, we will contact you with information on ad specs and deadlines. Thank you!