October 16, 2018

Lost and Founders

In a previous blog, I talked about the New Holland Brewing Company and its resident beer garden, the Knickerbocker. Next on our list of brewpubs to visit while at StokerCon™ is Founders Brewing Company, located roughly half-a-mile from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel—easily within walking distance, or a quick Uber ride if it’s raining. Having brewed big, bold beers for the last twenty years, Founders is one of America’s most respected breweries. In addition to beer, they offer quality pub fare like sandwiches, pizzas, soups, and salads.

If you go to Founders, go first for their beer. They offer over two dozen beer varieties on tap, both ales and lagers, many of which are sold only at the taproom in Grand Rapids or Detroit. From their more common All Day IPA and Solid Gold Lager to their more esoteric Schlendrian Rye Double IPA and the MF Donkey Stout, if you like beer, you will find something good to drink at Founders.

The food comes in large servings at reasonable prices. Most of the sandwiches are under $10 and can be ordered in half-sizes, though not at half-prices. I love the Cuban, while my wife enjoys the vegetarian Tree Hugger. The pizza is good but not outstanding, and the soup is limited to chili or the soup of the day. If you ask for a salad, be prepared to ask for a “to go” container. If you order a half-sandwich and a couple of beers, you can probably get out of there for around $20 plus tip.

If you make the trip to Grand Rapids, take a couple hours and make your way to Founders Brewing Company. It is an experience unto itself. To learn more about Founders Brewing Company, click here